Alpha is a Professional One Stop Shop Online Store Builder


My Dream

It is to encourage business ownership for students, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs to create income by owning their own online store.

In return, we can give back to our community and help those who are in need and create a better place for everybody.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


"Steven with Shopify is brilliant. He helps us to develop our website and the entire business system in 2019. It is still profiting to our company!  Ben Huang, Director of

Thank you Steven for taking the time to build my business and website. The Google business account helps me a lot to expose to many different potential clients. Jennifer Lim

Awesome winter business! People around the world can book Whistler shuttle online. Thank you Steven. Director of Whistlervan Johnson Kwai

Steven built a beautiful website for me new business. It is awesome. My customers love it. Irma Alvarez

Welcome to Alpha E-Builder. You will discover what we do for people who desire to own their online store. Please visit our services and see which package suits you most. Thank you.